This is a doubt very simple to solve. Not only he is effective in the fatty weave elimination, is that, in addition, it is able to reaffirm the skin of the zones of the body where is applied.

The technique is extremely simple, a laser generates heat on the accumulated fat until it eliminates it completely. She is less invasive than conventional liposuction, with much smaller incisions, which facilitates that few oedemata take place and no practically mulberry one.

The results are immediate and the very brief recovery time. In few days, the people who already have followed the treatment, are with a completely reclaimed figure and without physical brands.

The intervention is very fast. First a saline solution with a local anesthesia and a vasoconstrictor one infiltrates. Next the fiber of the laser by the zone is introduced to treat through a small incision the laser also acts coagulating the small blood vessels of the cells of the fat of the deep layer, which avoids the appearance of hematomas. And finally the fat of the zone selected by means of a cannula and liposuctor is drained.

When realising a less traumatic extraction, the post-operative one is much less painful. And on the other hand, when activating collagen and elastin, the flaccidity of the skin is avoided which avoids later interventions, as it happens with traditional liposuction.

The recovery is immediate and allows to follow the normal life, to even practice sport, the day after the intervention.

Without a doubt this recent system represents the future in the matter of liposuction. And every time it is simpler and reasonable to accede to him. In Medicine Clinics Outpost we are starting up a unit of Lipol¡ser that in a moment will be operative.

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