Varices is expansions that take place when the venous valves do not close well and the blood begins to be accumulated in the veins. They are a small problem of health and a great aesthetic problem. Luckily at present, they exist technical medical that solves these cases of fast way and with optimal results.

The last techniques applied by the vanguard of the medicine combine two treatments whose effectiveness is total: The laser and Microespuma.

In addition, these treatments are ambulatory, do not produce no type of pain, do not need anesthesia and allow that the patient continues his habitual activity after the session, without no problem. Some simple stockings of compression, are everything what the patient will have to take during a short period of time, as part of the treatment.

A specialist, will have to previously diagnose the type of varices to treat and the most suitable technique to secure the best results.

The treatment with Microfoam, consists of injecting a substance inside the affected veins, which produces a very fast reaction to obtain that the vein heals and disappears completely in a few weeks.

The treatment with Laser, is an effective method, and less invasive, than it solves a great amount of problems you will tilt. In few sessions, it is able to eliminate the injuries, without damaging weaves nor leaving no type of signal or scar.

It is very important to follow the suitable treatment for case and for that the best thing is to put into the hands of professionals experienced as the medical equipment of Medicine Clinics Outpost. They are those that, before each patient, will study the best solutions facing a fast and effective solution of the problem.

To return to have some healthy, beautiful legs and without varices is something that now is simple, comfortable and reasonable, if you want to verify it, you only must solicit right now, a previous appointment.