The face beauty has two great enemies: the exhibition prolonged to the sun and the inescapable passage of time. Spots, rednesses, moultings, furrows of expression€¦ are consequence always of these factors and to fight its effects has not been easy. Luckily the technology has developed new treatments able to diminish that deterioration and to obtain that in the present it turns out simple to maintain a skin in the smooth face and heals, diminishing the effects of the age.

The hormonal changes, as which they take place during the pregnancy, also generate problems in the skin, as the pigmentarias injuries that appear frequently in the face. That they also are fought effectively with the treatments of Luz Pulsada.

Luz Pulsada is a luminance source of high intensity that applied on the skin eliminates the undesirable structures and the dark injuries. And all this of natural, noninvasive way, without side effects and painless, will only notice one slight heat sensation in the affected zone.

The method is very simple: the light is absorbed by two natural chemical substances that are in our own body: the melanin, of the pigmented zones and hemoglobin, of the blood. These pigments transform the energy of the light into heat, which destroys the parts of the cells where is the problem. This technique denominates Selective Fototerm³lisis.

The fotorejuvenecimiento techniques offer great results that notice immediately: They reduce to the size of pores and the depth of the brands of expression, the hated wrinkles. In addition, they help to synthesize the new collagen in the dermis, they reduce to the dark spots and rednesses, and enormously improve the smoothness of the skin.

The treatments with Luz Pulsada are realised in consultation with a minimum of three sessions of about 30 minutes. The intensity, the number of precise sessions and its frequency, will be determined by a undergone medical equipment that studies each case of individualized way to obtain the best results in each patient.

The patient does not need any previous treatment to the sessions, simply will go to the clinic without any type of make-up. In case the patient feels an excessive annoyance will be applied a small amount to him of anesthetic cream, to avoid the sensation of heat and next and after a cleaning of the zones to try Luz Pulsada is applied. When finalizing, a new cleaning is realised and when leaving the clinic, the patient one already enjoys visible results.

It is already possible to accede to this type of treatments in our clinics. Recently system ELLIPSE with two treatments has started up: Elimination of pigmentarias spots and Fotorejuvenecimiento. Would You like that your face had the smoothness and luminosity of before? , you do not doubt it, asks for a previous appointment now.