In agreement we age, the skin of the face loses elasticity and smoothness, the face fat is lost what contributes to an aspect of greater age, this loss of volume and quality of the skin entails to the appearance of the wrinkles.

Lipofilling face, is one of the methods more novel than it has the aesthetic surgery, it eliminates the flaccidity and it contributes volume in zones that as a result of the aging are lost part or all their fat with a great greasy rejuvenecedor effect extracting of certain zones of the body by means of a laser liposuction or to lipolaser and placing it in another zone that needs the correction imperfections and/or to give more volume in a specific zone that we wish.

The use of the fat allows us to obtain a permanent filling in front of other substances, as hyaluronic acid, that are reabsorbibles

It is a technique of ideal face rejuvenation because it recovers of natural way the lost volume with the passage of the years, without making use of no synthetic nor artificial product. It produces a natural, progressive result and with a duration greater than others you implant, the skin acquires a better aspect and also improves the quality of the same and it does not have risk by ricochet since the grafted weaves are of the own person.

From the webpage of the Society the International of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery they in detail explain the procedure to us that is not nothing complicated, is extracted fat of the patient, normally of the zone of the abdomen and the expensive intern of the thighs, since she is richer in cells mother that will be able to reproduce with greater facility. This fat is prepared suitably to obtain the useful greasy weave and later it becomes congested through cannulas in the face in small amounts in the zones to try (cheekbones, in front, nasogenianos furrows€¦)

The technique is realised in very just a short time and with local anesthesia, although a small sedation for greater comfort of the patient usually is realised. In addition the recovery is very fast and as soon as an inflammation is taken place that disappears in a few days being appraised the results to the week.

The best thing of this technique is that these cells have an important component of cells mother, that do that they are trasformen or they simulate to be equal that the receiving weave, in addition to contributing growth factors, favoring to the cellular regeneration of the body and is accepted of faster form by the body, so that sequels as infections, rejection or allergy are avoided, having left a denser skin, signs and luminous.

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