The sun contributes vitamins and gives a golden tone to us to our skin that does more attractive, is no doubt of that, but we did not take measures, the exhibition to the solar radiation has its dangers and can cause multiple problems to us: burns, dryness, moulting, spots€¦

If what we looked for is to enjoy the sun without having to lament it then, it is only necessary to follow some simple advice:

  1. THE PROTECTION FACTOR OF YOUR SOLAR CREAM CHOOSES CORRECTLY. All the skins are not equal, clearest will need higher factors, like the pregnant women and the children, who have majors probabilities of appearance of spots.
  2. , AT LEAST, APPLY YOU THE CREAM A QUARTER OF AN HOUR BEFORE EXHIBITING YOU TO THE SUN. This way, your skin has time to absorb the cream completely and thus their effects will protect to you correctly.
  3. THE SPECIFIC PROTECTIVE USA FOR THE FACE. The face is the most sensible zone to the appearance of spots, for that reason he is recommendable that you use a cream for the body and another specific one for the face.
  4. ASSURE TO YOU TO EXTEND WELL YOUR PROTECTOR. That they are not zones to cover, distributes the cream of uniform way by all the parts of your body that go away to expose to the sun.
  5. YOU DO NOT FORGET THE EYELIDS AND THE EARS. They are very sensible zones that frequently we forgot when extending our solar protector.
  6. ATTENTION TO THE SENSIBLE ZONES. He is very frequent that, zones as the chest, the shoulders and the later part of the neck, need major protection factor, because usually they are burned more easily and they are areas with a great probability of appearance of spots and freckles.

Still with all these cares, it can happen that the continued solar radiation during the days of vacation produces some spot in the skin, when that happens, we must resort to simple treatments as the I ² PL of Ellipse that we applied in our clinics. A technique that eliminates of selective form those zones of the skin which they present more pigmentation. And it favors the regeneration of the epidermis of a form it heals and it frees of spots.

You already know, the sun does not have why to be an enemy. That it benefits!