Face Aesthetic treatment

Each person gestures around 1,000 times to the day (three per minute) what, together with the passage of the years, she generates the appearance of wrinkles and furrows that age the face. The face wrinkles come caused by three factors €œnails€, emphasizing the loss of elasticity that atrophies the dermis, dehydrating it and contributing to the degeneration of the skin and the formation of wrinkles.

On the other hand, the force of muscular contraction that breaks the elastin of the skin and leaves the marked wrinkle, whereas process of flaccidity coming from the loss of volume by loss of fat or loss of force at muscular level, also contributes to the aging.

In the case of the expression wrinkles, they pronounce in the third superior of the face. The frontal region, entrecejo, the houndstooth checks and the bar code (lip superior) are the zones most prone to the appearance of the expression wrinkles. However, the wrinkles caused by the flaccidity or loss of elasticity usually appear in the cheek and the zone to periocular.

As far as deep furrows of the face, the nasogeniano (the wrinkle that arises between the nose and the comisura from the lips) and folds of marionette (under the lip inferior, the comisura) are most common. Furrows that are accentuated over the years due to a volumetric loss in charge of the superficial and deep fatty weave of the face.

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