According to the conclusions of the study presented in the annual conference of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in Denver, the fact to nurse the babies absolutely does not reduce the turgencia of the breasts.

The true reason is the changes that take place in the feminine organism as a result of the pregnancy, those that bring about the feared €œfall of chests€. The study is conclusive: to greater number of pregnancies, more probabilities of than the sines fall. Independent of if the mothers have nursed or not to its babies.

On the other hand, the study also demonstrates that lactation is perfectly compatible with the aesthetic surgery, since you implant do not suppose them no disadvantage for the correct natural feeding of the baby.

The surgery of increase of chest or reduction, more and more is demanded. The great evolution of the remodeling techniques, as much with you implant as with aut³loga fat, have obtained that the processes are simpler and the most natural and lasting results. And now, the experts finish demonstrating that these interventions are perfectly compatible with the maternity and lactation, without problems neither for the feeding of the baby, nor for the figure of the mother.

It is the great news for those women who doubted and that now they can choose to improve his aspect, knowing that will not affect absolutely to its commitment as mothers.

The aesthetic problems of the feminine chest, that nowadays have a simple solution are:

  • Hasty sines: Nipples with one upwards weigh curvature and doubled in the areola.
  • Small sines: With little volume with respect to the contour of the thorax.
  • Great sines: Excessive volume with respect to the contour of the thorax.
  • Fallen sines: Without turgencia, the nipples aim downwards. They are consequence of the pregnancies and the passage of time.
  • Sines in constriction: Separated sines, with great and expanded areolas. It is an anomaly in the breasts that a tubular form produces in them.
  • Cylindrical or decompensated sines: The breasts have a great difference of volume which generates one aesthetic asymmetry little.
  • Sines Pectus Carinatum: Or dove chest. It is a thoracic malformation that it prevents that the chest excels.
  • Sines Pectus Excavatum: It is the opposite case, the chests seem sunk in the thoracic cavity.

All these small deficiencies that can decrease the feminine beauty, are interventions that, realised by specialized plastic surgeons and in suitable facilities, is enormously simple and within reach of the majority of the women. You can consult the different techniques for the different problems in our webpage.

Now already you know, that lactation is perfectly compatible with a beautiful chest, you you do not think it more and consults with a specialist, only he can evaluate your particular case and advise to you more on the adapted solution. If you wish it you can ask for a gratuitous previous appointment here.