All on Four is a new technique of dental implantolog­a of last generation, that is characterized to immediately realise a positioning of the prothesis after the surgery, so that the patient in a single day enjoys a perfect teething.

The process allows to realise the extractions, to eliminate the possible infection and to make the installation of you implant and pieces, or in the jawbone superior or the inferior, of fixed way, without palate, so that the patient benefit of immediate form of its new set of teeth, without no limitation. From the first moment it will be able to chew without problems, to speak and to show a luminous and perfect smile.

The All technique on Four, is indicated for those patients who need to replace all the teeth of their arches superior or inferior. And the great contribution of this technique, consists of which, just by four anchorages, secure the same results that if they had been realised you implant them by the traditional method piece to piece.

Our brand of you implant of range high ETK, are of titanium, a material that Integra easily in the bone, that he is tolerant to the soft weaves and that does not generate any type of allergy or rejection in the organism.

Although the results are immediate and allow the patient to realise their normal life in 24 hours, the installation of the prothesis is realised in two phases. The day of the intervention a temporary prothesis is placed, externally just as the definitive one, that is replaced by the end the four or five weeks, when the healing process has finished completely.

This technical innovator, that already we are implemented in Medicine Clinics Outpost, not only presents as advantage her total immediacy, but the cost of the treatment is reduced enormously with respect to the long processes of the individual implantolog­a, and in addition, by his characteristics, he is applicable to the immense majority of the people.

The All technique on Four is a great solution to enjoy a perfect set of teeth immediately, if it only wishes more information must ask for appointment and in the first consultation the study for its tactical mission is realised to him.