How to obtain a younger and luminous skin? How to diminish the effects of the passage of time and to maintain the smoothness and beauty of our skin?
Now this is much more simple, with the recent techniques of fotorrejuvenecimiento, in very just a short time you will obtain that your face and your body shine a smooth skin, fresh and vital.

The skin is made up of fibers of collagen, elastin and cells that, over the years, together with external factors as the frequent exhibition to the sun or the effects of the tobacco for the people smokings, is producing a progressive deterioration that is translated in an aged aspect and extinguished.

But of what the fotorrejuvenecimiento consists? and when we have to apply it? Very simple, the last advances in aesthetic technology are shortage that the pulses of intense light are able to penetrate in the skin and to stimulate of natural way the creation again collagen. Which is able to improve the quality of the skin, to eliminate spots and to provide a greater smoothness and luminosity. And, in addition, of lasting form.

The specialists recommend to use the techniques of fotorrejuvenecimiento for the elimination of spots, the stimulation of the natural production of collagen and the homogenization of the epidermoid structure. In order to treat injuries you will tilt benign as Telangiectasias or Rosaceas. And for the treatment of Discrom­as or Hiperpigmentaciones.

It is possible to be applied anywhere of the body, although its main use is the treatment of erythemas in face, neck and decollete. And it is used to fight problems of pigmentation, damages and spots produced by the sun or scars of acne.

The result is a recovery of the natural vitality of the skin and consequently a younger, attractive and luminous aspect.

Their main advantages are that it improves and it rejuvenates the skin effectively and lasting. It is a very fast treatment, in a single session already are appraised the results. He is painless, it does not own contraindications, it does not have side effects nor it subsequent to needs no type of treatment his application.

In our clinics, we have the system Ellipse I ² PL. A technology of fotorrejuvenecimiento, that already has enjoyed many patients, always with some excellent results.

You do not doubt in requesting a previous appointment now and will verify what simple turns out to return to enjoy a young and fresh skin.