You knew that the presoterapia is one of the most effective treatments to have some legs without cellulitis? And in addition it is very healthful and relaxing.

The presoterapia is a novel technique that uses pressurized air to activate the natural drainage of the lymphatic system, which remarkably improves the circulation in all the body and facilitates the cleaning of the organism, when eliminating injurious toxins and elements.

The presoterapia has great advantages and is recommendable for the reduction and elimination of cellulitis, the fat elimination and toxins and the elimination of varices. Also it avoids the retention of liquids and it is an effective treatment for oedemata, linfoedemas and as treatment after operations of liposuction.

The presoterapia is a simple, comfortable and painless treatment. And she is one of the demanded techniques more at present, by his excellent results.

But of what the treatment consists? Very simple, one only is a series of sessions in which the patient introduces the legs in some special bags that apply pressure of controlled and adapted way to the concrete needs of the treatment. A compressor is in charge to apply the right load in each zone to try, so that the lymphatic system activates. The pressurization of the air, is able to break the located fat accumulations and it makes circulate, along with retained toxins and liquids, so that they are eliminated by the lymphatic system.

The treatment not only is painless, is that in addition it is pleasantly relaxing.

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