At this spring time, full of social events, weddings and communions, he is very frequent to resort to products of dental blanqueamiento and to be made same a treatment at home. But you want to shine a luminous beautiful smile and without problems, it is better than you resort to a specialist.

These products, every day more abundant in our pharmacies, normally consist of a standard rule, an agent launderer who usually is gel of peroxide of carbamide or hydrogen, a syringe and sometimes a small luminous system for the fotoactivaci³n.

It seems simple, but you are safe of not having no decay? , by small that outside could cause an intense pain. If you have accumulated plate between the teeth also you will prevent that the launderer makes his effect.

All the teethings are not equal, some people have more enamel than others and before treatments of this type, it is possible to be increased dental sensitivity and to be had later problems. For that reason it is very important to determine before home the process, which must be the degree of concentration of the solution and its increase or reduction throughout the different sessions from the treatment.

For that reason we must resort to the specialists, only they can determine if our mouth is prepared or it does not stop a treatment thus, to decide the concentration of the blanqueante gel and to plan the number of sessions and its intensity. In addition, the rule that a professional will use will be adapted, so that the blanqueante acts with all properties. Therefore some can only be guaranteed optimal results.

The tobacco, the coffee and certain foods dye the teeth of natural way and cause their amarilleamiento. The dental plate, as well, increases the problem. For that reason the dental blanqueamiento must be always realised on a healthy mouth, frees of decay and without problems of gingivae. And it must be an odontologist that determines the most suitable treatment.

You do not doubt it, if you want to shine a shining smile, with some white teeth and healthy, it requests previous appointment right now.