The problem of the ugly cellulitis, also well-known as orange skin, now has an immediate and lasting solution: the carboxiterapia.

The carboxiterapia is a technique of recent implantation with enormous therapeutic benefits. She is safe, does not produce side effects and, mainly, he is highly effective. Single or combined with other techniques it is without a doubt the most infallible formula to shine a body without cellulitis.

But of what a carboxiterapia treatment consists. Simple, it is a process that begins with the diagnosis of your doctor to determine the zones of application, the intensity and the duration of the treatment. Next, in the different programmed sessions, subcutaneous infiltrations in the part affected with carbon dioxide are realised (CO2), a gas in sterile state that inoculates with an extremely fine needle, by means of a system that allows the volume and flow control of the infiltrated gas.

It is a safe system, without no type of contraindication, in fact the own human organism produces CO2 of natural way. Up to 200 milliliters per minute in rest state, that multiply until by 10 when we make exercise. The carboxiterapia, simply what it does is to infiltrate the gas in the places in which our body needs it more to eliminate the excesses of fatty weaves.

Carbon dioxide owns great benefits for the organism: It facilitates the vasodilator and it stimulates the formation of blood vessels, which improves the microcirculation remarkably. Also it favors the lymphatic drainage and it helps in the lipol­tica action concerning adipocitos.

A carboxterapia treatment does not require any type of previous preparation. He is innocuous and apt for all the people. Normally the sessions last between 10 and 20 minutes and the treatments usually consist of weekly applications according to the prescription realised by the doctor. The average of sessions by treatment depends on the needs of each patient with a minimum of 6 sessions for an optimal result.

It is a minimumly invasive treatment with which the patient one notices a small creeps in the treated zone and only produces a small inflammation that sends in a few minutes. The results are immediate: it improves the aspect of the skin and eliminates the cellulitis in the treated zones.

The carboxiterapia is one recent technique whose excellent results are causing that become the most used to effectively fight the cellulitis, flaccidity and located fat, anywhere of the body. It asks for a previous appointment now and forgets to you the orange skin.