Vacation replaces to us of life daily stress and they recharge the batteries to us, but in return they pass invoice to us and the days of sun and beach they leave to disagreeable memories in our skin and our hair.

To secure that bronzed tone that as much we like, has as disagreeable side effect the appearance of the ugly sunspots. The chlorine of the swimming pools, the salt of the sea and ultraviolet rays of the sun dries out the skin and the hair and robs their natural freshness to them€¦ It is already time to end all this.

You need one helps extra that compensates the injurious effects of the summer and gives back to your face, his natural beauty.

One of the most effective methods is the chemical Peeling. A process that will quickly improve the texture of the skin. It is a simple treatment with immediate results that consist of the application of substances that regenerate certain layers of the epidermis and/or the dermis.

Applying this technique a renovation of the deepest layer of the skin is obtained, fights the cellular aging and it obtains a younger and more healthful aspect, since it improves the texture of the skin, acquittal the spots produced by the solar action and attenuates the wrinkles.

Peeling face can take place at three levels: Superficial, where it is acted on the epidermis. Half, whose action is on the papillary dermis. And Deep, on the reticular dermis. She will be your specialist whom it indicates most suitable for you.

Another system of face rejuvenation with immediate results is treatment PRP, or Rico Plasma in Platelets. This recent technique isolates and uses the present factors of growth in the blood of the own patient to facilitate the fast regeneration of weaves. And so one obtains to an important reduction of the wrinkles and a remarkable increase of the thickness and smoothness of the skin. Thus in a few sessions, you will notice that your skin summons up new life, recovering its vitality and its luminosity.

Now that begins the new course, it is moment for recovering the lost tone by the holiday excesses and for returning to enjoy a healthy and young face. You do not wait for more and requests your previous appointment now, you will be able to take advantage of our special supplies and to shine a shining skin in this autumn.