General orthodontics

The orthodontics is a specialty of the Odontolgy that is in charge of all study, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the anomalies of form, position, relation and function of the dentomaxilofaciales structures; being its exercise the art to prevent, to diagnose and to correct its possible alterations and to maintain them within an optimal state of health and harmony, by means of the use and control of different types from forces.

They are the directed treatments to solve the primary problems that they have to do with the mouth, teeth and other related structures. In the majority of the cases it represents the first contact of the patient with the odontologist.

The general odontologist realises the primary diagnosis of the patient, solves the problems of restoration of decay that can present and it suitably canalizes it to each specialist according to the necessity of the patient.

Types of Orthodontics

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