Odontopediatr­a is the branch of the odontolgy in charge to treat the children. Odontopediatra will be, therefore, the one in charge to explore and to treat children and new born. Also one is in charge to detect possible anomalies in the position of the jawbones or teeth to send to the ortodoncista, specialist in orthodontics, and to make a treatment restorer in case of needing it. The treatment restorer mainly is made up to treat the traumatisms, to use sealants that have the function to slightly obturate the furrows and fissures of the dental pieces without hardly clearing dental material to avoid possible decays, and in treating the produced decays and their consequences.

The main difference between the habitual odontolgy and odontopediatr­a in the decay treatment is the presence of the temporary teeth or milk in the children which causes that the treatment changes, so that the injuries happened in the temporary teething will be a way less preservative and more aggressive than the happened ones in the permanent teeth, to avoid that, in the worse one of the cases, an insufficient treatment could be given a temporary tooth that soon would repel in its successor.

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