Design of smile

The aesthetic or cosmetic odontolgy is a specialty of the odontolgy that solves to problems related to the buccal health and the aesthetic harmony of the mouth in its totality.

The design of the smile, from a simple point of view, involves to eliminate or to diminish those elements that spoil an aesthetic appearance of the smile and to create or to emphasize those other elements that can improve or heighten the smile within the limitations of the face characteristics of the patient, the muscular activity, the dimensions of the teeth, the three-dimensional position and the inclination of the teeth and its relation with the gingiva.

The smile is one of the more important face expressions that it differentiates the human being from the rest of the animal. It uses it as part of the language, expressing joy happiness or pleasure. From the anatomical point of view, the smile can be analyzed studying each of its components: lips, gingivae and teeth.

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