Dental unit

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Design of smile

It eliminates or it diminishes those elements that spoil an aesthetic appearance of the smile.


Odontopediatr­a is the branch of the odontolgy in charge to treat the children.

General orthodontics

The orthodontics is a specialty of the Odontolgy that is in charge of all study, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the dental anomalies.

Aesthetic orthodontics

The Invisalign treatment consists of a series of extra­bles and practically invisible aligners, that every two weeks change.

Dental Blanqueamiento

Some white teeth are meant of health, beauty and youth. The color of the tooth comes dice by the color from the dentine.


The dental implant, is a sanitary product destined to being the artificial substitute by the root of a lost tooth.


It is an odontological specialty that study the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the diseases and conditions that affect the weaves that give support to the dental organs.

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