Hair Carboxiterapia

The carboxiterapia Is procedure a medical, invasive, minimumly safe and with minimum risks and complications.

It consists of carbon subcutaneous dioxide infiltrations in the hairy leather. This treatment brings about a vasodilator effect and an increase of the oxygenation of the weave, taking to the improvement of the circulation of the hairy leather to increase the growth of the hair.

The introduction of CO2 is realised by subcutaneous route, thanks to a fine needle at which the gas through a flexible conduit arrives from the equipment. An equipment designed especially for this aim. This equipment is in charge to control the speed of flow of the gas, content in a tank, the administered dose and the time of injection.

Benefits of the Carboxiterapia

  • Stimulation of the formation and reorganization of collagen fibers and elastic fibers with increase of the thickness of the skin
  • It is possible to be realised to any age
  • Improvement in the microcirculation and the perfusi³n of weaves
  • It accelerates the conventional results
  • Improvement of the tone and the elasticity of the skin

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