Hair Mesoterapia

The mesoterapia, is a technique that serves to treat different types from organic diseases, between which are the cellulitis, the obesity and the fall of the hair. In all the cases one affirms that its application brings very favorable results.

It only serves for the fall of the hair, in those patients who have not arrived at an irreversible degree of baldness, that is to say, when the patients still conserve the roots of the hair to be revitalized.

The procedure consists of applying microinjections of very fine needles in the hairy leather, offering to the zones affected by the fall of the hair the necessary nutrients (amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and vasodilators) that resists the effects of androgens and 5 enzyme alpha-reductasa, provokers of the hair weakening.

Benefits of the Mesoterapia

  • Improvement in the microcirculation and the perfusi³n of weaves
  • Improvement of the tone and the elasticity of the skin
  • It accelerates the conventional results
  • It is possible to be realised to any age
  • Stimulation of the formation and reorganization of collagen fibers and elastic fibers with increase of the thickness of the skin

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