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The treatments of hair stimulation are very recommendable to prevent or to slow down the degenerative process of the follicles. In addition, they can be applied combined with other treatments, helping to maintain the obtained results.

It is not necessary to suffer a serious problem of fall of the hair to go to the specialist; the simple suspicion of some irregularity at hair level (greasy, dandruff, prickles, fragility of the hair, excessive fall€¦) it is sufficient to ask for the advice of the experts.

The hair problems are affections with which they coexist a high number of men and women and its appearance is due to a great variety of factors.

Nowadays the hair treatments are not designed only for those who suffer an upheaval or alteration. Their use as prevention, is irreplaceable at the time of preserving the health of the hair.

It is important to diagnose the type of baldness correctly to be able to provide a suitable treatment. It is fundamental to realise a complete clinical file and an exploration.

The advising of a specialist is indispensable to be able to provide a solution to the problems related to the hair.

The treatments that we used in Medicine Clinic Outpost are based on the combination of three techniques, accompanied by the aparatolog­a more outpost and an outstanding equipment by experts.



It consists of the application in the hairy leather of rich plasma injections in growth factors.


It is a technique that serves to treat different types from organic diseases, between which are the cellulitis, the obesity and the fall of the hair.


It is procedure a medical, invasive, minimumly safe and with minimum risks and complications. It consists of carbon subcutaneous dioxide infiltrations in the hairy leather.

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