One first consultation, will serve so that the surgeon knows the medical history the patient, diagnoses the causes of the problem and raises the most suitable solution to the same.

First it is to try to find the real origin of the Gynecomastia, that could be due to an altered hepatic function, the medication use with estrogens, or the anabolic steroid use. If the cause is in a medical problem, the visit to the appropriate specialist will be recommended to him.

It can happen that in this first appointment prescribes the accomplishment of a mammography. In order to discard the possibility of the breast cancer and mainly to reveal the composition of the breast. Once determined the volume of fat and glandular weave, the surgeon will decide the more suitable surgical technique.

In this initial appointment, one will inquire to the patient into the technique who will be used in the intervention, the terms, the type of anesthesia that will be applied to him and all the operating process pre and post.

As in any operation, tests will be realised and previous analyses and will follow the habitual protocols of fasting of liquids and solids in the 6 previous hours. The patients who are smokings, will have to stop smoking at least two weeks before the intervention.

At the moment the operation of Gynecomastia is realised in Hospital, under general anesthesia. It is very important to realise this type of intervention in a hospitable center that counts more on the safety measure outposts, with one complete unit of intensive cares.

Once slept the patient to whom the surgery will be realised reviser of Gynecomastia, the surgical field becomes sterile and it is come to the operation. His surgeon will inform to him into what habitual and extraordinary measures consider by their security during the intervention of Gynecomastia, as well as during the post-operative one in the medium and long term.

The intervention is realised generally with general anesthesia, under the exhaustive control on the part of the operating room anesthetist, although according to the cases it can only need local anesthesia.

The duration of the intervention in hard operating room between one and two hours.  When the cause of the problem is a glandular excess, a retirement by means of bistoury takes place, sometimes accompanied by liposuction.  And when the origin is by excess of fat, the retirement system is liposuction, inserting a small cannula through the incision.  This incision to be realises in the rim of the areola, zone very little visible.

During the first days the patient feels some small annoyances, that are alleviated by means of medication. As a result of the intervention, a natural inflammation takes place that disappears with in just a short time. In order to help this reduction the use of an elastic article is recommended last the first weeks.

The patient recovers his normal life in three or four days after the intervention. In case sutures exist, these being retires in couple of weeks. The treatment that must follow after the intervention is simple, only consists of reducing the physical activity at the outset and avoiding the intense exercises and the abrupt movements, in a term that goes up to around the six months the patient will completely have recovered the physical aspect that wished.

Once realised the intervention, the patient will go to consultation to verify the correct healing and to verify the evolution of the process. These revisions will be programmed by their surgeon in a number of times that varies in each case and that it never surpasses the number of six revisions.

When the intervention of Gynecomastia is you realise by plastic surgeons of first level, the complications are very little frequent and generally of smaller type. Logically irrigations as possible infections, cutaneous injuries, excess of bleeding or the appearance of seromas, problems exist that are fought easily when the means and the professionals responsible for the process are highly qualified

The procedure can cause small visible scars or changes of pigmentation in the zone. And as side effect, a diminution of cutaneous sensitivity in the breast can be appraised temporarily, that recovers in a few months.

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