Reduction of breasts

Mamoplastia of reduction is an operation that allows the diminution the sines as large as, obtaining some smaller and firm chests, at the same time as provided with the rest of the body.

In addition to the aesthetic purpose, mamoplastia of reduction also corrects physical problems, since for many women the excess of mammary volume is origin of annoyances as backache, cervical, and even psychological problems that get to affect to the personal relations.

What is one mastoplastia of reduction?

It is an intervention that consists of diminishing the volume of the chest, remodeling the form of the breast, and elevating the complex areola nipple.

Due to the necessity to dry out skin and mammary gland, this technique takes to associate to its result some scars, that are tried are disguised possible.

Who needs it?

Two fundamental indications exist:

A necessary one to improve the distribution of the weight of the breasts on the spine, improving the associate backaches.

Purely aesthetic other, with the aim of adapting the mammary volume to the corporal contour.

In order to mold the breasts and to give a harmonious form them in agreement with the anatomy of the patient, the surgeon realises some incisions that have anchor form generally, drawing up a verticalline downwards from the areola and a horizontal line in the sub-mammary furrow. The areola together with to its blood vessels and their nerves in the majority of the cases will be conserved.

However, in processes of great reductions, he is habitual to separate the areola completely and to relocate it. He will be the own surgeon who decides the suitability of the techniques to follow in each intervention, according to the own characteristics of the patient to try. In addition, also the size of the areola can be reduced, if therefore it is considered opportune.

What risks are assumed?

Although with a low frequency, they can appear the following complications:

  • Hematoma: It is the accumulation of blood that takes place when I coagulate that it plugs a glass follows. In the cases of intraoperating profuse bleeding drainages are left; but once restored the hematoma, it is necessary to reintervenir to evacuate it.
  • Infection: The risk of infections nowadays is very low, since they are prepared with antibiotic treatment. Even so, if it appeared, and according to their degree of intensity, their effects could generally affect the aspect of the scar and the result.
  • Widening of scar: He is not so infrequent to especially find widening of the scars that been have put under a tension, when has been placed implants mammary. In some cases it is anticipated, and an adjustment of the scar is programmed to improve its aspect.
  • Hypertrophic scars and keloids: The scar can be of bad quality, extremely heavy and slow to whiten (hypertrophic) circumstance that depends on the nature of the patient and his age.
  • The keloid is a disease of the scar, with a disturbed growth of the same. In the white race he is infrequent, nevertheless, in the black is not rare his appearance.
  • Hiperpigmentaci³n of the scars, or by the own nature of the patient, by premature exhibition to the sun, or by ingestion of some medecines. In order to solve this complication it is used despigmentantes creams and peeling in addition to treatment with laser, having obtained itself good results.
  • Necrosis: When the breast is great, independent of the fact that the technique well is realised, sometimes has as complication the absence of circulation in the end of €˜colgajo€™ that it serves to move to the complex areola nipple and, therefore, this one is lost and it is due to reconstruct. It is not a frequent fact, but it is necessary to have it in account and the patient must be warned.
  • Seromas: Acºmulos of serous liquid that if it arises, must be evacuated, but it does not have major importance.



Duration of the intervention



It is possible to be given to suck after this type of intervention?

In the cases in that the reduction is important (from 500 gr.), the patient cannot be assured who can maintain lactation.

There is loss of sensitivity?

In important reductions it can have a loss of erotic sensitivity, the tactile one recovers.

They say that the scars can be erased soon with laser.

Any technique does not exist to erase the scars. They are possible to be improved with different procedures between which the laser is included.

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