Face Lifting

Lifting face, also denominated surgery of re-positioning and face streching, is an intervention that has as objective the correction of flaccidity leather and muscles, to give back to the patient the texture and luminosity of a rejuvenated face.

Associated to other techniques, as grafts by lipofilling of aut³loga fat, it allows to recover the volumes, compensating, for example, the disagreeable results that a loss of weight produces in the face, as a result of diets and physical exercise.  The descolgamiento and flaccidity of the skin and muscles are eliminated and the patient returns to enjoy a smoother, young and luminous face.

The loss and passage of time of weight, consequently has a descolgamiento of weaves and a depth in the brands of expression that cause that our face is aged. Lifting face is able to give back the firmness to weaves, replaces to define the contours and eliminates the wrinkles, with a natural result that gives back a young luminosity to the face.

The technique of lifting is applied successfully in all the zones of the face and neck, the scars of the intervention are hidden under the hairy leather and after you fold them of the ears to do them practically imperceptible.

In a previous consultation, the surgeon will study his case, will measure certain parameters and will propose the more advisable surgical technique, informing to him exhaustive on the process, the treatment and the terms.

A detailed exploration will serve, along with the clinical file of the patient, will determine the tests to realise, analytical, electrocardiogram, etc.

Also it is very important to transmit the surgeon which are the previous expectations, so that it is possible to be determined if they will be able to be fulfilled and what must more be the technique adapted to obtain it.

As in any operation, tests will be realised and previous analyses and will follow the habitual protocols of fasting of liquids and solids in the 6 previous hours.

The operation is realised in Hospital, under general anesthesia. It is very important to realise this type of intervention in a hospitable center that counts more on the safety measure outposts, with one complete unit of intensive cares.

The intervention is realised with general anesthesia, under the exhaustive control on the part of the operating room anesthetist.

Two great types of lifting exist, denominated lifting coronal that usually practices to patients with an age that surpass the 50 years and in that realises a generalized rise, due to the excess leather.

Lifting temporary is the patient practiced one of smaller age, generally between 40 and 45 years, where the use of Endotine is habitual (MR), an internal device that facilitates the control and the fixation of soft weaves.

The post-operative one of an intervention of lifting usually is not painful, only some small annoyances by the sensation of initial swelling. Nevertheless the inflammatory process sends in very few days and in a total term of three or four weeks, the patient can retake his normal life, without more track of the intervention that a natural, rejuvenated and luminous face.

Once realised the intervention, the patient will go to consultation to verify the correct healing and to verify the evolution of the process. These revisions will be programmed by their surgeon in a number of times that varies in each case and that it never surpasses the number of six revisions.

As in any operation, some disadvantages exist and risks, that although they do not entail serious problems, are precise to know:

  •  Appearance of hematoma.
  •  Infection.
  •  Reactions to the anesthesia.
  • In very infrequent cases, injuries in the nerves can be produced that control the movement of some muscles of the face.
  • Smokings have a greater risk of suffering losses leather or problems of healing.

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