Blepharoplasty is an operation that has as objective the rejuvenation of the zone to periocular. It provides to the eyes a younger aspect, eliminates the fatigue gesture and it contributes luminosity to the glance.

Over the years, when blinking, our muscles lose smoothness, small fat accumulations increase the size of the hated €œbags€ and give to our face a tired and aged aspect

By means of the Blepharoplasty the excess is eliminated leather and fat of the eyelid superior through a small incision that is hidden by the own one folds of the eyelid. Sometimes it is precise to also remodel the muscle to orbicular and to extirpate the fat bags, as well as to eliminate wrinkles in entrecejo.

The Blepharoplasty rejuvenates the face image, eliminates the bags and reduces the wrinkles. Their results are enormously lasting and in many cases they are permanent.

In a previous consultation, the surgeon will study his case, will measure certain parameters and will propose the more advisable surgical technique, informing to him exhaustive on the process, the treatment and the terms.

As in any operation, tests will be realised and previous analyses and will follow the habitual protocols of fasting of liquids and solids in the 6 previous hours. The patients who are smokings, will have to stop smoking at least two weeks before the intervention.

The operation is realised in Hospital, under general anesthesia. It is very important to realise this type of intervention in a hospitable center that counts more on the safety measure outposts, with one complete unit of intensive cares.

The intervention is realised generally with general anesthesia, under the exhaustive control on the part of the operating room anesthetist.

The duration of the intervention in operating room lasts approximately one hour and a half.  During the same, incisions are realised in the skin of the eyelids to extirpate the excess leather and muscle to orbicular. Next, the fat is extirpated to eliminate the palpebrales bags and finally it is come with the suture process.

The post-operative one of the Blepharoplasty usually is not painful. After the intervention it will be applied to an ophthalmic ointment and dressings with very cold physiological serum that helps to reduce to the annoyances and the inflammation.

During the first days he will exist one slight swelling and cardinals in the eyelids, but in couple of weeks, the patient will be able to enjoy a totally normal aspect.

In the first days the scars will be visible, some fine lines reddened on the eyelid superior and below the eyelashes in the inferior, that extend some millimeters towards the temple and which they will be disappearing gradually.

In some cases, after the intervention of blepharoplasty, the patient can present certain difficulties in the view, that disappear in couple of weeks. Subconjuntivales conjunctivites and hematomas, that with a correct treatment disappear quickly. Also which usually is habitual that, during the dream in the first days, the eyelids do not get to close themselves completely, is corrected easily with simple exercises.

The results of the operation of Blepharoplasty are always very favorable and lasting. Practically in the 100% of the cases, the bags never return to appear.

Once realised the intervention, the patient will go to consultation to verify the correct healing and to verify the evolution of the process. These revisions will be programmed by their surgeon in a number of times that varies in each case and that it never surpasses the number of six revisions.

As in any operation, some disadvantages exist and risks, that although they do not entail serious problems, are precise to know:

  • Possible infections.
  • Double or blurred vision during the first days.
  • Temporary oedema of the eyelids.
  • Slight asymmetries in the healing.
  • Difficulty to completely close the eyelids during the dream.
  • Eyelid folded inferior or twist, that could need a surgery revision.

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