Vascular surgery

What are varices?

The Varices are expansions of the superficial veins of the legs. These expansions take place by increase of the pressure of the blood inside the vein. This increase of the pressure is due to the ebb tide of the blood by damage of the venous valves. Varices affects to 15% of the men and 25% of the women, being the familiar inheritance the factor of more important risk. The pregnancy, the obesity, the lack of physical activity, and still on quiet staying during hours, the taking of contraceptives, and the article use very tightened, is other factors of risk to suffer this disease.

The age is also a risk factor, we know that he is infrequent in more frequent youth and in the maturity and the old age. Despite a day of today is not clear because of the appearance of varices. What yes we know is that varices is the extended circulatory problem more between the western population.

According to the depth of the variz this will have a different aspect. Varices of the legs, is located between the muscle and the skin, being able to be in a superficial, average or deep plane.

  • Small (<1,5mm)
  • Medians (of 1 to 4 mm)
  • Great (of 4 to >8 mm)

Types of varices

Varices superficial

Varices more superficial, calls var­culas, telangiectasias, spiders you will tilt, microvarices€¦. They are located in the skin.

By this they are seen clearly without needing no equipment. Usually they are red, of small diameter, and easily comprimibles.

They are possible to be dealt with foam, liquid or laser following his size and amount. However, and generally, we must treat the nutricias to secure an optimal result in the short and mid term before.

Varices of the average compartment

Varices of the average compartment, nutricias or reticular calls is in the average-external zone of the subcutaneous cellular weave. They are generally the superficial causes of varices. Usually they are not seen at first sight, reason why often illegally they do not treat, except when they are very great, nevertheless will be appraised clearly by transiluminaci³n.

It is called €œsuperficial nutricias to them€ because €œthey nourish€ varices. For that reason any treatment of varices superficial, that has previously not esclerosado these varices €œnutricias€ will be little effective. Since soon they will appear new others varices in the same zone.

Varices of the deep compartment

Varices of the deep compartment is safena greater, the minor, and others of so large similar. Varices is called to them tronculares deep and stuck Discurren to the muscle, reason why generally, except when very they are expanded, they are only seen by ecography. They are €œnutricias as well€ of the reticular ones, reason why if these great veins have become varicose, they will have to be first in being tried to be able to have a good result, and few recidivas.
Its circulatory situation must value by means of Doppler ecography and ecography color.
At present this type of varices treats by means of surgery, with the consequent anesthesia and hospitalization.

In MEDICINE OUTPOST we dealed with all the types varices by means of chemical sclerosis, without needing surgery.

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