Liposuction is an used medical technique in aesthetic surgery for the remodeled one of the corporal contour. The method consists of the fat extraction of specific zones of the body for the redistribution of volumes that improve the figure.

By means of liposuction, it is possible to improve the aspect of any part of the masculine and feminine body. Suppressing the fat accumulations, the figure styles and adopts a younger, healthful and attractive image. And it supposes the most effective way to totally eliminate the located fat that does not finish disappearing with diets and exercise.

At present, it is an intervention that is frequently realised in men and women. In U.S.A, liposuction is the operation of aesthetic surgery that is more realised men, being those of the zone of abdomen and the flanks of the torso, hated €œmichelines€, the most popular interventions.

Where applied is liposuction?

  • In the part superior and inferior of the abdomen
  • In the waist
  • In the hips
  • In the part inferior of the back
  • In the part superior of the arms
  • In the external zone of the thighs
  • In the internal part of the knees
  • In the calves
  • In the ankles
  • In the chin
  • In the cheekbones
  • In the double chin
In a previous consultation, the surgeon will study his case, will measure certain parameters and will propose the more advisable surgical technique, informing to him exhaustive on the process, the treatment and the terms.
As in any operation, tests will be realised and previous analyses and will follow the habitual protocols of fasting of liquids and solids in the 6 previous hours. He is recommendable not to ingest analgesic, antiinflammatories, or any other drug that could alter the coagulation process, in the week that precedes to the intervention. Also, one advises against during those days to take products from herbalist and to smoke. During this process, you will be able to contact with our personnel who will solve any doubt to you that you have as well as them detail that you need to clarify on your next intervention.
The operation is realised in Hospital, under general anesthesia. It is very important to realise this type of intervention in a hospitable center that counts more on the safety measure outposts, with one complete unit of intensive cares. The intervention is realised with general anesthesia, under the exhaustive control on the part of the anesthetist of operating room and his duration it oscillates between one and three hours. The incisions are always realised in little visible zones to obtain that the scar of the intervention is almost imperceptible. Based on each tactical mission and following if the intervention it implies the liposuction of one or several zones, the surgeon it will determine the order of action and the processes that are derived from it.
The post-operative one of this type of interventions anticipates 24 rest and times of observation in the Unit of Intensive Cares. The annoyances logics produced by the inflammation, are mitigated by means of a treatment with analgesic. It is essential the rest and a stay of several days in the hospital, whose number will depend on the complexity of the intervention and the type of zones that have treated. When finishing the hospitable entrance, will put to the patient a specific medical treatment to him, that will prescribe the surgeon and, generally, the use of a compressive strip. Approximately within a month, the incorporation to the daily life will be total. The aspect wished for the zones dealt with liposuction or lipoescultura, will not be obtained completely until the 6 later months to the intervention. These are some recommendations for the process posoperatorio:
  • You will feel molestiaspropias of a surgical process. The surgeon will prescribe the treatment to follow to alleviate the annoyances and to avoid infections.
  • After liposuction the treated area will become inflamed and probably also it makes blue itself. It will be necessary to use a strip of compression for the treated zones, with the aim of avoiding it swelling and trying an optimal adaptation of the skin to the new contour. This strip does not have to take off until the first revision in consultation, not even for reasons of hygiene, until the surgeon determines it.
  • He is advisable not to deliver attacks, to walk smoothly and to spend the greater possible time resting.
  • It is possible to take a walk and to walk shortly after the surgery, although if liposuction has affected to several zones will be necessary to do it little by little, to avoid dizziness.
  • In the zones declivities, as feet and calves can exist swelling, especially if the strip does not cover that level. In order to avoid it stockings of weak compression can be used. And it is recommended not to remain standing up without walking and lifting the feet when we sat down.
  • Although the effects of liposuction are perceived in a moment, until the six months you will not enjoy a total and definitive result.
  • To maintain or to diminish the weight, realising exercise some three times per week, will help to permanently maintain the results of liposuction. The surgeon will determine when it is possible to initiate the sport activity again and what type of exercises can be realised.
Once realised the intervention, the patient will go to consultation to verify the correct healing and to verify the evolution of the process. These revisions will be programmed by their surgeon in a number of times that varies in each case and that it never surpasses the number of six revisions.
In the interventions of liposuction, generally important complications do not take place, whenever they are carried out in suitable facilities and in charge of surgeons experienced in the use of these techniques. If the prescriptions of the surgeon throughout the process are followed, there will be major problems of the no derivatives of the use of the anesthesia, later bleeding or the possible infections.

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