The abdominoplasty consists of an operation in which it extirpates the excess leather and abdominal fat of the abdomen of the patient, while the flaccidity is eliminated and the tension is increased of the muscular wall approximating abdominal straight muscles, process that is known as abdominal di¡stasis.

The problem of excess of abdominal weave in very common and is due to different causes, as the sequels of the pregnancies or the abrupt changes of weight.

The result of the abdominoplasty is to obtain a flatter abdomen with a more vigorous muscular wall and signs. It is the process that corrects the problem of excess of abdominal weave, of a more effective and lasting way,

The operation, described in broad strokes, consists of extirpating the excess of fat and leather, later it is united, tense and the muscles of the mean line of the abdomen are repaired. Everything through a small incision practiced in the part inferior of the abdomen, around the pubic hair to disguise the later scar.

In a previous consultation, the surgeon will study his case, will measure certain parameters and will propose the more advisable surgical technique, informing to him exhaustive on the process, the treatment and the terms.

As in any operation, tests will be realised and previous analyses and will follow the habitual protocols of fasting of liquids and solids in the 6 previous hours.

As in any operation, tests will be realised and previous analyses and will follow the habitual protocols of fasting of liquids and solids in the 6 previous hours.

The post-operative one of this type of interventions anticipates 48 rest and times of observation. The annoyances logics produced by the inflammation, are mitigated by means of a treatment with analgesic.

When finishing the hospitable entrance, will put to the patient a specific medical treatment to him, that will prescribe the surgeon. Approximately within a month, the incorporation to the daily life will be total.

The aspect wished for the abdomen will not be obtained completely until the 6 later months to the intervention.

Some important recommendations in the process posoperatorio of the abdominoplasty are:

These are our post-operative recommendations:

  • After the abdominoplasty it is normal to notice tenseness in the abdominal mean line and concerning the pubis. If a liposuction has also been realised, annoyances in the lumbar zone can exist, similar to the stiffnesses. These symptoms will send gradually with the help of analgesic.
  • You do not have to take off the strip without it has indicated it the surgeon.
  • It is normal that to feel a small inflammation and amoratamiento in the genitals and the legs, that will send in a few days.
  • The people with previous problems of back could undergo occasional annoyances.
  • The zone between navel and pubis can feel as dozed. It is a normal process of the surgery and disappears soon.
  • It is necessary to above sleep mouth and with the knees in stop.
  • In the cases in which it is realised liposuction you must until pasts six months do not perceive the results in his totality.
  • It is possible to be walked from the first day, but it is necessary to avoid any effort and to try to maintain the corporal position that it has indicated the surgeon.
  • During first the two or three months, it is necessary to avoid the physical efforts continued and the sport.
  • The sun or UVA rays in the operated zone is not due to take.
  • He is very recomendabe to drink abundant water and to eat rich fiber foods.

Once realised the intervention, the patient will go to consultation to verify the correct healing and to verify the evolution of the process. These revisions will be programmed by their surgeon in a number of times that varies in each case and that it never surpasses the number of six revisions.

Is possible lactation?

The positioning of implants behind the gland seems not to have influence in lactation.

Favor does the prothesis mammary the appearance of breast cancer?

The relation between the cancer of breast and the prothesis has been investigated without putting in evidence no bond enters both and it implants of a mammary prothesis does not increase for anything the risk of cancer of breast. The surgeons of mammary anticancerous centers frequently use the prothesis in the reconstructive surgery.

Is the monitoring of the breast possible?

Considering that the prothesis is behind the mammary gland, the clinical monitoring is simple. The presence of implants can modify the capacity of X-rays to detect a breast cancer. The carrying patients of you implant mammary must need it to the radiologist so that it can use specific and adapted methods (ecography, digital mammography).

Why so they were controverted the silicone prothesis some years ago?

The silicone gel prothesis mammary stuffed was accused to trigger autoimmune diseases in some patients. Nowadays, the work set scientific in this respect has presented the evidence that is no a significant increase of the risk of carrying autoimmune disease in women of implants mammary and in particular those fillings of silicone gel.

There is a monitoring after implants of a mammary prothesis?

It is necessary to be put under post-operative visits based on the prescription of the surgeon. Later, the presence of a mammary prothesis does not imply to realise additional examinations to habitual the medical monitoring but he is indispensable to need the doctor who you are carrying of implants mammary. It is imperative in case of modification of a breast (hardening or on the contrary softening) to consult the doctor (gynecologist, surgeon) who will be able to judge if it is necessary to resort to a radiological or ecogr¡fico examination. In summary, it is not necessary to exaggerate the risks, but simply, to be conscious that an operation, still apparently simple, always implies a small random part.

To resort to a qualified plastic surgeon assures to him that this it has the formation and the required competition to avoid these complications, or to treat them effectively on the contrary.

These reconnaissance groups are given in complement to their consultation, we advised to him to conserve it, and to read it kindly after the consultation and to reflect envelope he with €œcold head€.

These reflections will cause, perhaps new questions, for which it waits for complementary information. We are to its disposition to discuss them in a consultation.

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