At the moment, it is possible to realise a remodeling of the corporal contour, by means of the technique of aut³loga fat grafts, that is to say, with extracted greasy weave of the own patient through liposuction. By means of liposuction it is possible to be re-injected in, chests, glutei, face, legs or any other corporal zone where a greater volume is desired, part of the extracted fat zones that owned a greater accumulation. That after a centrifuged process of, one becomes to inject in the required zones.

The great advantage to use aut³loga fat of own personacomo material of filling, is that it does not produce any type by ricochet and their results are permanent. These techniques one knows as Lipoescultura with Transference and remodeling them with fat, or Corporal Remodeling by Lipofilling.

Types of intervention

  • Mammary remodeling
  • Lipoimplante of chest
  • Increase of chest and remodeling with aut³loga fat
  • Increase of chest with aut³loga fat
  • Lipoimplante of chest
  • Increase and remodeling of glutei with aut³loga fat
  • Face Lipofilling
  • Bioplastia of cheekbones, lips and/or chin
  • Lipofilling in calves
  • Lipoplastia to vulvar (Lipofilling in lips majors)
  • Lipofilling in sequels of traumatisms (Scars, losses of substance)
  • Poland syndrome

The technique of Lipofilling, consists of obtaining one reduced amount of fat by aspiration of determined parts of the abdomen, glutei, or any other part of the body, to be infiltrated in those points of the face where furrows or depression exist. Or, where an increase of volume is required, as for example in the lips or the cheekbones.

It is a technique that does not require surgery. Face remodeling by means of Bioplastia. The Bioplastia is one recent technique of rejuvenation. In essence one is realised modeling with biomaterials that allow to recover, to carve or to rectify certain zones of the body, essentially the face. It supposes an important advance against the traditional techniques of filling.

In Bioplastia implantation realises in layers more deep, frequently intramuscular, that allow the specialist to draw forms and profiles that improve the contour of the face, contribute to beauty and a rejuvenation of totally natural aspect. The Bioplastia offers many possibilities and obtains, in the majority of the cases, a result more natural than the obtained one by means of surgical techniques of another type. Being in addition much more persistent in the time. By means of this technique it is possible to realise infiltrations of Botox, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, trace elements etc.

The combination of Lipofilling and Bioplastia is the more effective aesthetic solution at the moment. Their results are very similar to the obtained ones by means of the Lifting, whenever they are realised by expert professionals and very familiarized with both techniques. Its great advantage is the absence of complex surgical processes and some optimal results that contribute a very natural rejuvenation.

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