Plastic surgery



At the moment, it is possible to realise a remodeling of the corporal contour, by means of the technique of aut³loga fat grafts.


It consists of an operation in which one extirpates the excess leather and abdominal fat of the abdomen of the patient.


It is an used medical technique in aesthetic surgery for the remodeled one of the corporal contour.

Vascular surgery

In MEDICINE OUTPOST we dealed with all the types varices by means of chemical sclerosis, without needing surgery.

Increases glutei

The objective is to correct the volume, increasing it or modifying it, to reduce the depressions and to compensate flaccidity.

Sequels of the pregnancy

The pregnancy leaves in the woman some sequels that nowadays are eliminated by means of simple surgical processes, fast and very effective.


It is an operation that has as objective the rejuvenation of the zone to periocular.


The rhinoplasty is the operation directed to change the form of the nose, to adapt your size and contour to the face harmony.

Face Lifting

It is an intervention that has as objective the correction of flaccidity leather and muscles.

Elevation of breasts

In order to correct the mammary fall, without reduction of the mammary volume.

Reduction of breasts

It secures some smaller and firm chests, at the same time as provided with the rest of the body.

Increase of breasts

Mamoplastia of increase helps to improve the size and the form of the feminine chest.

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