Located thinning

Through the following images we can see the fantastic result of the treatments of thinning located without surgery.

No of the images of the patients who are, has been altered by an edition program of photos for its improvement.

The gallery of images that can see next, shows before and after the different treatments from located thinning.

Lipomesoplastia is one of the treatments more used to secure the elimination of the fat in located zones of the body as glutei, thighs, cartridge holders, abdomen€¦

In order to secure effective results, the treatment carries out a combination of different techniques from thinning without surgery, where lipomesoplastia is the cornerstone.

This treatment has an only side effect: small hematomas (as we see in some images) that soon they disappear. In addition in agreement one advances in the treatment become less habitual.

As far as the rest of thinning treatments as soon as they have side effects, in addition in as soon as some sessions already we will be able to verify the first results.

Real cases

In the images different images can be seen where the patients are able to lose fat and to become thin in zones located as abdomen, glutei or cartridge holders with great effectiveness and without surgery.

Before home a previous analysis will be realised to see which are the more suitable and effective treatments of located thinning, and not to thus make false promises to our patients.

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