Customized diets

The majority of the traditional diets is based on the caloric, either eating less than everything, or eating the less greasy restriction.

The problem with this type of diets is varied.

Within some weeks the organism adapts to the lack of nutrients lowering its metabolism, and so although comma little is stopped losing weight.

The slope of the metabolism will produce sensation of fatigue and lack of energy.

On the other hand happening hunger generates important irritability, especially if results are not seen. With changes in the character that refers the familiar and social surroundings.

The customized diets, since they only restrict the carbohydrate taking, allow to eat of abundant way. Thus for example, generally, there is no restriction in the taking of Fish, Birds, Vegetables, Seafood and Eggs. Being able in addition to take a daily piece from fruit.

Not to have carbohydrates in feeding, organism sees forced to transform fat corporal into glucose (the sugar that consumes our corporal cells), this causes that they appear as burning fire-greasy part of this metabolism the ketone bodies.

The ketone bodies will prevent the typical metabolic adaptation of other diets, reason why we will lose weight throughout everything of the treatment.

In addition the hunger sensation disappears by the action of these same ketone bodies on the brain (endocannabinoide system). Thus it is possible that many people who say not to be able to follow a diet, if they can make this type of diet.

In summary this diet produces:

  • Continued slope of the weight.
  • Lack of appetite.
  • Sensation of well-being.

It will be very important nevertheless to review the following thing:

  • This diet, as all, must go preceded of very complete analytical tests.
  • One is due to do under expert medical supervision.
  • Its duration will be of three to six months.
  • All the diets present Syndrome, more evident by ricochet at the most fast the lost one. In order to avoid we will make it a treatment of maintenance post-diet.
  • As on all the diets, we will insist on the convenience of realising exercise and a change in the dietetic habit to stabilize the results.

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