Who we are

Medicine clinics Outpost have been more than 15 years as center specialized in the sector of the health.

The attention to the patient, the incorporation of the last technologies in the field of the health and the consolidation of a medical equipment in permanent formation, is the values that govern our activity and that allows us to offer advanced sanitary services and to take care of the demands of the present.

Our activity is developed within a great fan of clinical specialties in aesthetic medicine and odontolgy.

The joint work with the Medical center Lagos de Rivas, where recently we have extended services of physiotherapy, rehabilitation and radiology, allows us to offer one complete letter of sanitary services.

The human equipment of Medicine Clinics Outpost owns a high degree of formation and experience in the use of the last techniques in the matter of health. A modern methodology of work, the use of the most sophisticated technologies and surroundings of permanent improvement, is our way to understand the present health.

In our centers we only applied products of the high range, in the injection treatments, for example, where all the components and techniques that we used, own sanitary certification and have surpassed the strictest quality controls.

But mainly, our top priority is the attention to the patient. To that one treats personally and individualized, one inquires to him suitably on all the processes and treatments and are procured at any moment that its experience with us is always positive and healthful.

Medical body

Dra. Inmaculada Concepci³n de Rojas Saravia

Aesthetic medicine

Dra. Cristina P©rez Fern¡ndez-Tur©gano

Aesthetic medicine

and nutricionismo

Dra. Marta Ruiz Alguero

Aesthetic medicine

and nutricionismo

Dr. Agust­n Arroyo Bielsa

Angiology and Vascular Surgery

Plastic surgery

Dr. Daniel Saenz Regalado

General surgery

Dra. Alicia Lapresta L¡zaro


Dra. Marcela Mart­nez P©rez


Dra. Mar­a Josefa Cascudo Rielo

Digestive system

Xue Ismael Pach³n Fern¡ndez


Pilar Garc­a Rey


Mrs Ana Solano R³denas


Dr. Mario Lautenschlaeger

General medicine

Dr. Ricardo G³mez Alonso


Dra. Concepci³n Feijoo Casas


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