Corporal Carboxiterapia

In Medicine Clinic Outpost we have designed specific medical treatments for the loss of weight, so that you get to lose volume of a form heals and healthful.

The medical equipment of the thinning unit, will guide and advise to you throughout all the treatment helping you to create new nutritional habits.

The carboxiterapia is procedure a medical, invasive, minimumly safe and with minimum risks and complications.

The process consists of the application of located microinjections of CO2 by means of an equipment designed especially for this aim. This equipment is in charge to control the speed of flow of the gas (contained in a tank), the administered dose and the time of injection. The introduction of CO2 is realised by subcutaneous route, thanks to a fine needle at which the gas through a flexible conduit arrives from the equipment. The gas must be of anaerobic medicinal type with a purity of the 99,9.

It produces an improvement in the microcirculation and the perfusi³n of weaves at the same time as it stimulates the formation and reorganization of collagen fibers and elastic fibers that the increase of the thickness of the skin favors.

One experiences important improvements in the tone and the elasticity of the skin.

With respect to the technique of very easy execution that is realised through microinjections.

It accelerates the conventional results and it does not have effects collaterals if it is realised by an experienced specialist.

It is a treatment that can be realised to any age.

With respect to the results to the salary injected CO2, the organism detects a imbalance in local oxygenation.  Thus, with the purpose of compensating this situation, the oxihemoglobina increases the located provision of O2, which brings about a vasodilator effect and an increase of the oxygenation of the weave.

As well, the hemoglobin is absorbing the CO2 that is introduced in the organism, which yields oxygen to weaves, improving still more local oxygenation. All this repels in an increase of the speed of the sanguineous flow and the opening of capillaries that in normal conditions would be closed.

All this process produces improvements in:

  • In the aspect and the texture of the skin.
  • The flaccidity of the face and corporal skin.
  • Cellulitis.
  • Located obesity.
  • Peripheral circulation.
  • Postquirurjica fibrosis.
  • Psoriasis.
  • Cutaneous flaccidity.

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