Corporal Mesoterapia

The mesoterapia consists of the application of medication at local level, in very small but repeated amounts.

Following the effect that we want to obtain (rejuvenation of the skin, improvement of the flaccidity, lost of volume€¦.) we will inject diverse medications, to different depth and with different technique.

For lost of volume located, in MEDICINE OUTPOST we applied the multi-point mesoterapia, that is very different from that it is applied of habitual form in other clinics.

Our treatment is the sum of three techniques.

Dry Mesoterapia

Applied by a school of French mesoterapia; it affirms that the main action of the mesoterapia is by the inflammation that causes the puncture. Any puncture causes to reddish coloration (local increase of the circulation) and heat (local increase of the metabolism). These two effects (increase of the circulation and the metabolism concerning the injected zone) will produce a remarkable improvement of the cellulitis.

Mesoterapia Antihomot³xica

The injected homeopathic medication use triggers reactions of metabolic and circulatory normalization in the treated zone. Its effect is slow (begins to it turns of 3ª to 5ª week) but curative.

Allopathic Mesoterapia

Certain medications applied in small amounts, and very very distributed in the zone with cellulitis, would improve the skin, the flaccidity, the metabolism and the circulation concerning the treated zone. Reason why the loss of weight, and the elimination of the cellulitis will be especially intense in the looked for zone.

This in the woman ginoide (pear form) we secured a reduction of two to four sizes in the waist and hips yet (holsters), without there is practically loss of chest or aging of the face. That is to say, from the 80 to 90% of the lost weight it will be in the chosen zone, without there is increase of the flaccidity. The duration of the treatment, based on the lost one anticipated, will be among six to twelve weeks.

As far as the woman android (apple form) we will obtain that the lost one is in waist, back and abdomen, modeling his figure when not losing in the legs, as he is the habitual thing in this type of adiposity. In many occasions we will even be able to reduce or to avoid the appearance of the inest©tico abdominal apron.

The only side effect will be the appearance of some hematomas that soon will disappear. In addition, according to the treatment progresses, its appearance becomes very little and its fast disappearance.

We observe already from the first session that disappears the sensation of tired legs and creeps; from the third session there is an important improvement in the aspect of €œorange skin€ and it is observed very clearly that the loss of volume is in the treated zone; this local loss, and in the chosen zone, becomes more evident to each session that passes.

On the other hand, in cases as the band of supramaleolar (greasy in band over the ankles) and cellulitis of the binoculars (calves), the results are highly effective.

However, if there is doubt, we will realise ecogr¡fico study. This will allow us to make a correct diagnosis of the zone thus being able evaluate, of real and scientific form, the possibility of losing fat in the zone that is asked for to us, without making false promises.

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