Loss of weight

Generally when there is increase of weight, the distribution of the excess of fat not for of uniform way. The most frequent forms of distribution of the excess of weight are the ANDROID and GINOIDE (Apple and Pear).

The woman ANDROID €œapple€ mainly gains weight and volume in abdomen, waist and back. Nevertheless when she loses weight, she mainly loses in legs and face, losing little and with much difficulty in abdomen, waist and back.

Woman GINOIDE €œpear€ mainly gains weight and volume in rumps, hip (cartridge holder), and abdomen inferior. When it loses weight mainly makes in chest, shoulders and face, losing little or nothing in hips, thigh and abdomen inferior.

In the Mediterranean woman the distribution of the overweight is frequently of the type €œpear€. Approximately 3 of each 4 Spanish women with excess of weight present adiposity ginoide. The type android €œapple€ is more frequent between the woman of the north of Europe, but also he is seen between the Spanish population.

Many women who during their youth presented adiposity ginoide, with the menopause fatten in back and abdomen superior, changing their type of ginoide to android. The AESTHETIC THINNING consists, on the contrary that the habitual diets, IN LOSING WEIGHT AND VOLUME CHOOSING WHERE TO LOSE IT.

Therefore those women or men whom they prefer not to lose weight to lose it where they do not want, with our treatment will have solution to his problem. But this is not so simple. We will have to realise a complete study to diagnose each patient and thus to be able to indicate the most suitable treatment in each case.

We will do therefore in the first visit, and free:

  • Anthropometric study.
  • Profile of obesity.
  • Measurement of you fold.

After the diagnosis realised in the first consultation (gratuitous), we will value the treatment, or treatments, to carry out among the following: Mesodiet, Carbodiet, customized Diet or vascular Surgery.

1ª GRATUITOUS Consulta

Valuation without commitment