Treatment striae

Mesoterapia silicon + Carboxiterapia

The striae are those extended brands of the skin, that take place when this one tensely and destensa very quickly, as it happens in the pregnancies or before fast changes in the weight. The excessive tension on elastic fibers of the dermis causes that they are broken, leaving those disagreeable tracks.

In Medicine Clinics Outpost we applied a combination of medical techniques to solve the problem of the striae and to give back to the skin its uniform, healthful aspect and without brands of no type: A mixed treatment of Mesoterapia with organic silicon and carboxiterapia.

Mesoterapia with organic silicon

The silicon is an essential element for the formation of cutaneous fibers. To the being applied by means of microinjections under the skin layer, with the technique of the mesoterapia, they are able to optimize the conditions so that the own organism creates new structural fibers, reaffirming the treated zone. Somehow the substance consists of nourishing the skin providing to him that needs to construct its fibrillar structure.

The mesoterapia with organic silicon is an associate treatment that can only be applied or to other clinical activities that are compatible, as the carboxiterapia, that supposes an ideal complement, when adding to silicon the advantages of carbon dioxide.

It ends the flaccidity

Effective treatment without contraindications

The session of mesoterapia with organic silicon lasts approximated of 20 minutes, if the total duration is completed with a carboxiterapia session is of one hour.

This combination turns out especially effective in treatments against flaccidity and to fight the limp cellulitis in any zone of the body.

Our medical equipment, after studying each particular case, decides the inoculation points. the respective doses that better go to him to each patient and the total number of sessions that will be necessary to eliminate the striae completely.


The carboxiterapia is a procedure of the aesthetic medicine, minimumly invasive, very surely and that any type of risk or complication does not entail.

The treatment consists of the application of microinjections of CO2, of a special type: medicinal and anaerobic with a purity of 99.9%.

As a result of the application of carbon dioxide, at subcutaneous level, a remarkable improvement in the microcirculation takes place, the collagen fiber formation is stimulated and the increase of the thickness of the skin is favored. This provides immediately improvements in the tone and the elasticity of the skin.

The CO2 facilitates a superior speed of sanguineous flow and will be able to open capillaries that before the process, were closed.

It is a simple, painless treatment and that does not present nor contraindications, nor side effects, the patient realises his normal life from the same moment in that the session finalizes, simply is advisable to use protective lot in case of exhibition prolonged to the sun.

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