Reafirmante treatment

Carboxiterapia + corporal Threads

In Medicine Clinics Outpost we developed customized treatments to reaffirm and to carve certain zones of the body.  We obtained it more combining products of the high range with the outpost medical aparatolog­a.

Our diagnoses and treatments, always are oriented by a medical equipment specialized in aesthetic thinning and loss of located volume. This guarantees some optimal results that they satisfy the expectations with our patients.

Our reafirmante treatment, fuses the techniques of the carboxiterapia with the tensile thread implantation. What allows to redefine contours and to shine a young skin, heals and shining, without the patient must undergo operations.


The carboxiterapia is a procedure of the aesthetic medicine, minimumly invasive, very surely and that any type of risk or complication does not entail.

The treatment consists of the application of microinjections of CO2 at subcutaneous level, which produces a remarkable improvement in the microcirculation, stimulates the collagen fiber formation and favors the increase of the thickness of the skin. This provides immediately improvements in the tone and the elasticity of the skin.

Treatment antiflaccidity

The passage of time note especially in certain zones of the body:

Arms, thighs, glutei, abdomen€¦ are there where the flaccidity of weaves causes that it loses volume, definition and smoothness. A €œfall€ that mine our image and presents to us with tired and aged aspect.

The corporal tensile threads are advanced treatment of the aesthetic medicine to fight the problem of flaccidity, without interventions of surgery.  A technique that works from the interior of weaves to fortify them, to stimulate them and to revitalize them. In an extremely simple and fast procedure that it does not present contraindications nor alter the daily life of the patient.

Combining the qualities of the treatments with tensile threads and those of the carboxiterapia, we obtain some magnificent results. A remarkable rejuvenation that it reaches all their splendor past a pair of months of the intervention and whose effects stay approximately during a year and a half.

Corporal threads PDO (Polidioxanona)

Corporal threads PDO, are some very fine tensile threads of polidioxanona, a material extremely surely and that does not present any clinical incompatibility. At length tried in the cardiac surgery, they have turned out to be one from the most efficient substances for the weave elevation in the aesthetic medicine.

These threads are implanted concerning the dermis, which brings about a tensile effect on all the surrounding weaves, at the same time as it regenerates them. They are able to maintain united all the weaves and they contribute to the treated zone a great smoothness and firmness.

With this innovating treatment the same results are obtained that with lifting, but without operations nor local anesthesia.  Quickly, without contraindications and side effects.

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