Treatment cellulitis

Mesoterapia Alydia + Carboxiterapia

The cellulitis and the skin of orange are problems that affect anywhere in the world to the immense majority of women. They appear in located zones, mainly in the thighs or glutei and are accumulations of fat and toxins, that form in the epikarst layer.

In order to fight this problem, in Medicine Clinics Outpost we realised a customized treatment against the cellulitis and the skin of orange, combining products of the high range and last generation, with more the outpost medical aparatolog­a. For that reason we have developed a customized treatment with mesoterapia Alydia combined with the technique of the Carboxiterpia. All this guidance by our medical equipment specialized in thinning and loss of located volume.

Mesoterapia Alydia

Alidya is a novel treatment that supposes an important medical advance in the anticelul­ticos treatments. One is the subcutaneous inoculation of agents anti-lipo distr³ficos, an aqueous solution that dissolves and eliminates the extracellular toxic elements, improves the oxygenation of weaves and standardizes the physiological function of the adipocitos of the subcutaneous weave.

A safe treatment, that it has proven his excellent results in thousands of patients, and that is applied by means of the mesoterapia techniques.

The medical equipment determines the injection points previously and applies Alidya in the suitable doses, by means of microinjections. The application is very fast and it does not require of any special later care. The patient can follow his daily activity without any trouble.

He does not have side effects of any type, in some cases have been observed the appearance of small hematomas or weighs inflammation in the treated area, symptoms that disappear in a few days.

The first specific medical treatment against the orange skin


The carboxiterapia is a procedure of the aesthetic medicine, minimumly invasive, very surely and that any type of risk or complication does not entail.

The treatment consists of the application of microinjections of CO2, of a special type: medicinal and anaerobic with a purity of 99.9%.

As a result of the application of carbon dioxide, at subcutaneous level, a remarkable improvement in the microcirculation takes place, the collagen fiber formation is stimulated and the increase of the thickness of the skin is favored. This provides immediately improvements in the tone and the elasticity of the skin.

The CO2 facilitates a superior speed of sanguineous flow and will be able to open capillaries that before the process, were closed.

The carboxiterapia applied along with the mesoterapia Alydia produces some fantastic results: redefined contours, smooth, revitalized and young skin.

Combined with the qualities of the Carboxiterapia

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