Corporal Aesthetic treatment


Treatment cellulitis

We realise a customized treatment for the cellulitis and skin of orange combining products of the high range of last generation to but the outpost medical aparatolog­a.

Reafirmante treatment

Our diagnoses and treatments always guided by our specialized medical equipment in lost aesthetic thinning and of located volume.

Treatment striae

They have as main morning call the reconstruction of the elastic fibers and col¡genas that are those that confers a framework to the skin and they contribute its turgencia to him.

Loss weight

Generally when there is increase of weight, the distribution of the excess of fat not for of uniform way.


The mesoterapia consists of the application of medication at local level, in very small but repeated amounts.


In Medicine Clinic Outpost we have designed specific medical treatments for the loss of weight, so that you get to lose volume of a form heals and healthful.

Customized diets

The majority of the traditional diets is based on the caloric, either eating less than everything, or eating the less greasy restriction.

Vascular and varices

Varices affects to 15% of the men and 25% of the women, being the familiar inheritance the factor of more important risk.

Corporal threads

The corporal threads stimulate the collagen production to treat the corporal flaccidity from within.

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