Stuffed of chin

The chin filling is an own clinical intervention of the aesthetic medicine, that serves to elevate and to eliminate the reserved chin and to balance the harmony in the contour of the face.

It is realised by means of the Hyaluronic acid inoculation applied on the specific zones to rejuvenate and to redibujar the face of a simple, natural and effective form.

The Hyaluronic acid of HD tones the muscles that hold so much the cheekbones as the chin, obtaining that they have a younger aspect. It is a totally natural substance that dissolves very slowly in the organism.

The results always are satisfactory, is enough an only session and its main advantage is the total absence of side effects, contributing an improvement that we can appreciate from the first moment.

The procedure is simple, the medical equipment determines the intervention and informs to the patient so that it has a precise knowledge of all the process.

It begins with an exhaustive cleaning of the skin of cosmetics and pollution. Next an anesthetic cream is applied that avoids any type of annoyance to the patient during the intervention. Soon it is come to the application of microinjections in the zone determined by the doctors and the compound in the low dermis inoculates. A small final massage avoids possible brands, hematomas or wrinkles. To the week of the intervention it turns out advisable to realise a consultation to verify that the process has concluded satisfactorily.

During the hours that follow the intervention he is not recommendable the use of cosmetics nor makes-up. Neither the sun or UVA rays is due to wash it the taken part zone nor to expose it to.

In some cases it is not possible to apply the treatment with Hyaluronic acid:

  • On open wounds or burns.
  • When an operation in the zone in a term has practiced inferior to a year.
  • When special pathologies exist.
  • When hypersensitivity to some component of the preparation exists.

Frequently this treatment with the one of Face Mesoterapia of Vitamins is combined. In that a vitamin combination is contributed, minerals and amino acids that will be able to regenerate the skin more quickly, while it recovers the smoothness, luminosity of aspect of a young skin.

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