Lifting without surgery

After the treatment, the skin can be reddened during some days and with some fine scabs.

A minimum of 3-4 treatments are required generally to obtain improvements in the firmness and texture of the skin.

The improvement of the scars can need 5 or more sessions.

This treatment can be realised surely in all the types leather (until darkest) and than can be a safe treatment for sensible zones leather fine, such as the neck, decollete and eyelids.

The results little by little appear because the collagen production has been time, noticing in their majority an improvement in their tone leather and the texture within the 3-6 weeks of the treatment.


Dermapen is a treatment that helps to improve old scars and imperfections of the skin, being recovered collagen and elastin through a process of natural treatment. Ultra-thin needles, with which multiple cutaneous punctures are realised that induce an answer of treatment of the skin producing the new collagen and elastin. This new collagen and elastin improve the quality and texture of the skin, obtaining that feel smoother and sign and help to erase ugly scars.


Their active principles exert an immediate tensile effect in the skin, dissuading the fibroblasts and stimulating the collagen production. It acts as stabilizer and antioxidant of the cellular membrane, protecting it of the damages caused by the free radicals. It favors the regeneration of the fibroblasts and therefore it collaborates in the recovery of the skin. The result is a reduction of the wrinkles, improving the firmness of the skin and increasing its elasticity.


The inflammatory one acts as much against all type of acne as the not-inflammatory one. It regulates and it diminishes the shinbones, it regulates the excess of fat and tallow, eliminates the dead skins and bacteria and contributes a greater anti-inflammatory effect. It activates the formation of new fibroblasts, reclaims the brands and depressions caused by the acne, producing the new collagen and increasing the production of elastin. Its queratol­tica action help to recover the appearance and tone of the skin and to standardize its problems.


The treatment of the face spots is in many of the cases a true challenge for the professional. One needs one precise initial valuation and a detailed study since its treatment depends on the origin and situation of the same. Dermapen combined with other techniques inhibits the action of tyrosinase, the enzyme that takes part in the synthesis of the melanin or melanog©nesis. The action of its active principles reduces the hyperpigmentation, obtaining to give luminosity and standardizing the tone of the skin. Help to regenerate and to smooth the skin at the same time as it diminishes the wrinkles. It deals with all the signs dark spots. The excess of melanin production falls (hyperpigmentation) that brings about the appearance of melasma, cloasma and solar lent­geno

Evolution post-cure

Slight reddening during 12-24 hours. A gradual improvement of the skin by increase of the new collagen will take place that has been created after the stimulation of the secretory cells.


Of 3-5 sessions, that can repeat each 4-6 weeks agreed to cutaneous regeneration.

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