Bar code

The contour of the lips, especially the superior, undergoes much with the age. Those terrible ones you fold verticals that begin to mark themselves as of the 40 years, are something that disfigures the mouth and ages the general aspect of the face.

It is inevitable that appears. When speaking and gesturing, the muscles of the lips put under to the skin an important wearing down, the dehydration, the sun and the habit to smoke, are in charge to pronounce, day to day, those wrinkles that we called bar code.

To reduce its presence is possible with cosmetic specific, but the fastest and safe solution is to realise in the zone an infiltration treatment. And not only that, these treatments in addition to eliminating the wrinkles, also allows to increase to the volume or the thickness of the lips and to correct their contour.

By means of small infiltrations of biocompatible substances one is easily able to modify contours and to reaffirm zones. The treatment consists of a very simple, very safe intervention and with very good results, by means of the inoculation of composed that are present in our organism of natural way in the youth, but that the passage of time is able to cause that its presence falls.

An amount of substances biocompatible, similar to the connective weave of the organism exists, as far as texture and elasticity. They are proven products whose effectiveness has been demonstrated already in thousands of patients. To determine type of more suitable component for each case is the work of our undergone medical equipment that evaluates and designates to a concrete treatment according to the needs and the clinical file of the patient. Thus some make sure excellent results.

In this preliminary consultation the doctor will determine the stuffed type of infiltrating, his amount and the points where he will practice. Based on the type leather of the patient, his morphology and the depth of the zone to try.

He has some risk?

The infiltration treatments are extremely safe and with a highest percentage of satisfaction between the patients who have followed them. In some cases, simply they have consequently the appearance of small hematomas and inflammations some days after the infiltration session that disappear in a moment.

In what cases it is contraindicated?

The treatments with stuffed only advise against if the patient suffers some type of disease of the immune system, as lupus or reumatoide arthritis, but in any case will be the doctor who decides the convenience of applying the treatment.

On what the election of a stuffed product of or another one depends?

According to the type leather of the patient, the one of the concrete zone to try and the problem that presents, the medical equipment will diagnose the most suitable treatment to secure the best and more lasting results.

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