Nasogenianos furrows

An ample range of substances biocompatible, similar in texture and elasticity exists to the very effective and safe connective weave of the organism, with which areas of the face contour can be modified. The medical professional will be the one who advises and determines the use of a stuffed type of or another one after studying the characteristics and needs of the patient.

Thanks to these almost painless treatments and that only needs 15 to 30 minutes in the medical consultation, a fast and very satisfactory aesthetic result is obtained. In addition, one of its main advantages is that the patient can reincorporate himself immediately to his daily activities. It is not necessary to maintain some well-taken care of special, is only enough with being applied a solar protector. The main advantage of this treatment is that the obtained results are immediate.

The combination of b³tox with the filling of hyaluronic acid and/or calcic hidroxiapatita or Express calcic triphosphate is the denominated Rejuvenation.

On the one hand the botulinum toxin will erase the expression wrinkles that take place with the gesticulation, while it comes up new you fold cutaneous. The fillings will eliminate the face or existing furrows, mainly those located around the eyes, the deep mouth and wrinkles of entrecejo or the forehead. The calcic hidroxiapatita or the calcic triphosphate provides tension to a skin that is lost force and tension.

In addition to being gorgeous today these treatments will help you to prolong your beauty tomorrow You do not doubt it and restrains the passage of time in your face!

It has some risk?

It is a treatment extremely surely and with a high percentage of satisfaction. However, they can appear small hematomas and inflammations to the days of the infiltration of the filling that disappear soon after.

In what cases it is contraindicated?

If the patient suffers diseases of the immune system, as lupus or reumatoide arthritis, although she must be the doctor who values each case of individual way.

On what the election of a stuffed product of or another one depends?

The different products are different, so to choose one of them, or a combination of some, the doctor will study each case and will generally analyze factors as the skin of the patient, the one from the specific zone who is going away to try and the problem that presents, and will advise one of them.

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