Double chin

Tensile threads + Carboxiterapia

The natural process of the aging causes a very ugly cutaneous dysfunction: The flaccidity. A skin fallen in the face or the neck generates an oldness sensation, that is easily avoidable with the combination of two aesthetic medicine techniques, that every day are more effective to fight that problem.

The changes that the passage of time causes in cutaneous weaves are essentially a significant reduction in the process of biosynthesis of collagen and elastin. We lose producing cells and this creates an impoverishment of the skin layer, that is translated in flaccidity.

Feared the double chin or double chin, has a method now to be eliminated easily: The union of the treatments of Carboxiterapia with tensile Threads, produces some incredible results, the skin becomes smooth, natural, lives, luminous. And very it is valued by those patients who have experienced it and who shine a young and healthful aspect.

Tensile threads

The new technique of thread subcutaneous implantation of Polidioxanona (PDO), is being revealed as one of the outposts to more avoid cutaneous flaccidity in located zones.

The polil¡ctico acid has been decades being used with total medicine security. Many clinical devices and you implant incorporate this component. To the being a reabsorbible, nonalerg©nico and nonimmunogenic material, does not present complications and their results are always very positive.

The technique consists of the implantation under the skin tensile thread layer that facilitates the subjection the skin, replaces weaves and confers to the face a healthful and attractive defined contour.

The threads, with or without esp­culas, will emplerar¡n based on the physiology and own needs of each patient. In order to produce a biological effect of lifting that will give to the face a younger and healthful aspect, without operations.

Their demanded applications more are:

  • Lifting of cheeks.
  • Lifting of eyebrow tail.
  • Mandibular profile.
  • Nasogenianos furrows.
  • Lines of marionette.
  • Expensive intern of arms and thighs.
  • Glutei.

The treatment with tensile Threads, espiculados or monofilamente, is indicated for patients with problems of face flaccidity, descolgamiento or of double chin, that wishes to improve their aspect without operations.

It is possible to be applied in face and neck, although also the activities are frequent on arms and glutei.

The session lasts around is of about 30 minutes and is totally painless for the patient. It hardly has contraindications, except for the cases of patients in period of gestation or lactation, or of patients with neoplastic, autoimmune diseases, you will tilt or diabetes.

The cares that follow the implantation session are minimum are directed to reduce the inflammation and to avoid possible appearances of hematomas.

The time that takes the organism in the resorption of inoculated threads is of around 6 months and the results stay between 12 and 18 months.

For whom it is indicated?

For patients with important descolgamiento of its face structures that they wish to improve the general aspect of his face without operations.

What zones can be tried?

It is the optimal treatment to apply in face and neck. Also other zones as arms or glutei can treat.

Is painful the procedure?

Absolutely a local anesthesia is used that blocks any sensation of pain.

How much last does the effect?

The effect is perceived immediately and its duration is of about 6 to 12 months, approximately.

What cares I must have after the treatment?

Practically none. Simply to put a little ice in the zone treated during the first hours and to use solar protection if one is going away to expose to the sun.


The carboxiterapia is a procedure of the aesthetic medicine, minimumly invasive, very surely and that any type of risk or complication does not entail.

The treatment consists of the application of microinjections of CO2 in certain points, according to the indications of the medical equipment, that previously has studied the case. It is important to manage the doses and the flow of injected gas well to guarantee some optimal results.

Carbon dioxide that is used in the intervention is of a special type: medicinal and anaerobic with a purity of 99.9%.

As a result of the application of CO2, at subcutaneous level, a remarkable improvement in the microcirculation takes place, the collagen fiber formation is stimulated and the increase of the thickness of the skin is favored. This provides immediately improvements in the tone and the elasticity of the skin.

The Carboxiterapia can be applied as of the 35 years as preventive action to restrain the aging. And as of the 45 years with regenerative and corrective aims.

It is a simple, painless treatment and that does not present nor contraindications, nor side effects, the patient realises his normal life from the same moment in that the session finalizes, simply is advisable to use protective lot in case of exhibition prolonged to the sun.

The pouches are alterations in the tone of the skin of the part inferior of the eyes. They appear darker, which brings about the sensation of an exhausted and aged glance. Its cause is stress, the fatigue, the lack of dream or the bad feeding. Against this problem the simplest and effective solution is a carboxiterapia treatment.

The microinjections of carbon Dioxide applied in the zone of the eyelid inferior, increase oxygenation of the sanguineous flow and improving immediately the tone of the skin. Its tensile capacity, diminishes the stock market effect visibly. And in only 5 or 6 sessions, the contour of eyes has become stabilized completely.

How act does Dioxide of carbon to the being injected in the organism? As a positive feedback: When the body detects a imbalance in local oxygenation as a result of CO2 tries to balance the system increasing the located oxygen provision, this brings about a vasodilator effect and an important increase of the oxygenation of the weave. The hemoglobin is in charge to absorb injected carbon Dioxide, that is disturbed and contributed Orthe2 to weaves, being caused a greater local oxygenation. This facilitates a superior speed of sanguineous flow and will be able to open capillaries that before the process, were closed.

From what age he is advisable to realise it?

It is possible to be applied as of the 35 years as preventive treatment to restrain the aging process. As of the 45 years it is realised as regenerative and corrective treatment.

It requires anesthesia?

Simply the cold premises are applied to an anesthetic ointment or before initiating the session which avoids the sensation of pain or annoyances.

It is possible to be gone to work the next day to the treatment?

Without no problem.  It is possible to be followed with the normal life as soon as it finishes the session.

I have to take some precaution later?

It is only recommended to apply a little solar cream in the zone, nothing else, neither massages nor no other special care.

With what treatments it is possible to be combined?

Yes, but it must be the specialistic doctor who advises the combination of the medical techniques to use to obtain the best and more lasting results.

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