Lifting Silhouette

One of the effects that the passage of time leaves in our face is the flaccidity of weaves. A problem that appears when the number of fibroblasts descends in our organism, the cell that produces collagen and elastin. This natural reduction in the production of these substances brings about an impoverishment of the dermis and our skin lies down to slip down and to be aged.

The solution more effective than the aesthetic medicine uses at present to fight this problem are: The Silhouette threads.  A technique that consists of the subcutaneous tensile thread implantation that acts as subjection of the skin. The weaves are replaced at a higher level to recover the oval aspect of young face. In addition collagen brings about a natural regeneration of the inner structure of the skin and contributes to smoothness and luminosity.


In many cases, lifting face is an effective alternative that avoids to the patient the inconveniences of an operation, securing similar results.

The great advantage of the Silhouette threads is its composition with polil¡ctico acid, a reabsorbible material by the own organism whose effects last more of a year. This compound extensively has been proven throughout many years, without there are registries of problems of incompatibility in patients.

The Silhouette threads have demonstrated to their effectiveness in numeros­simas aesthetic medicine interventions and they are used mainly in:

  • Lifting of eyebrow tail.
  • Lifting of cheeks.
  • Mandibular profile.
  • Nasogenianos furrows.
  • Lines of marionette.
  • Expensive intern of arms and thighs.
  • Glutei.


As or we indicated, this technique this especially indicated for those patients with problems of descolgamiento of some face structures, or other parts of the body and that wish to improve their aesthetic aspect without resorting to operations.

Their more common applications are in face, neck, arms and glutei.

The session lasts approximated of 30 minutes. An anesthetic cream is applied that it avoids that the patient feels no type of pain or annoyance. The later cares to the treatment are very simple and they are directed to the reduction of the slight inflammation that produces the process and to avoid a possible appearance of hematomas.

The process of absorption of implanted threads lasts around 6 months.

The intervention does not alter the daily life of the patient, who can follow his normal activity without no restriction, beyond the application of ice during the first hours after the session and the solar use of protection in the zone affected during the first days.

The treatment with Silhouette threads as soon as it has contraindications. Only advises against for patients in lactation or gestation state of, or patients with neoplastic diseases, affections you will tilt or diabetes.

The effects are noticed gradually, during the six months following to the application, the components act on the affected zones and are improving their aspect day to day. The results of the treatment extend during a year and a half.

The treatment with Silhouette threads is one of the most effective techniques in face rejuvenation, is painless, lasting and provides to the patients a vital aspect, with a healthy skin, turgescent and attractive.

For whom it is indicated?

For patients with important descolgamiento of its face structures that they wish to improve the general aspect of his face without operations.

That zones can be tried?

It is the optimal treatment to apply in face and neck. Also other zones as arms or glutei can treat.

Is painful the procedure?

Absolutely a local anesthesia is used that blocks any sensation of pain.

The Whichever hard effect?

The effect is perceived immediately and its duration is of about 6 to 12 months, approximately.

That taken care of I must have after the treatment?

Practically none. Simply to put a little ice in the zone treated during the first hours and to use solar protection if one is going away to expose to the sun.

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