It shapes PRP

The treatment with Rico Plasma in Factors of Growth €“ that of brief form denominates PRGF €œRich Plasma in Growth Factors€ €“ is one of stars of the treatments antiaging for the face rejuvenation.


®it is a novel technique that allows to isolate and to use the factors of growth (proteins) present in the blood of the own patient to harness, to accelerate and to stimulate the regeneration of weaves.

Frequent questions

Before each session of PRGF it is necessary to carry out a cleaning of the zone to try and, to avoid the annoyances of the pinchacitos, the cold premises are applied to an anesthetic ointment or. For the obtaining of the rich plasma in growth factors an extraction of a small volume of blood of the patient is realised and the plasmatic fractions by means of controlled certrifugation separate.

Next the €œrich plasma in factors of growth€ in the skin of face, decollete, neck and back of the hands to stimulate its regeneration becomes congested. Once finalized the treatment it is possible to be returned to retake the normal activity immediately.

After each session with rich plasma in growth factors, during some days, a light turgencia of the skin with a discreet effect takes place lifting. The results begin to be appraised to the 24 hours, they are progressive and with each session it demonstrates plus the attenuation of wrinkles and the increase of the smoothness of the skin. It is a treatment that can be applied as of the 35 years, at preventive level, to slow down the process of aging and as of the 45 years with regenerative and corrective aims.

From what age he is advisable to realise it?

The PRGF is a treatment that can be applied as of the 35 years to preventive level, to slow down the process of aging, and as of the 45 years with regenerative and corrective aims.

It requires anesthesia?

It is only applied in the zone to treat an anesthetic ointment or the cold premises before initiating the session to avoid the annoyances of the infiltrations.

How many are sessions usually realised?

The number of sessions and its regularity depend on the aging degree of the skin, but normally it is recommended to be put under between 3 and 4 sessions the first year and to continue the treatment of maintenance with two annual sessions during the following years.

How long I need to be in center to be realised the treatment?

In each session of PRGF it will need to be approximately one hour in center (counting on the anesthesia, the extraction of blood and the treatment).

Be taken can the sun while the treatment lasts?

Yes the sun can be always taken but using solar protection.

It is possible to be gone to work the next day to the treatment?

Yes life completely normal can be worked and be realised nothing else to finish the session.

I have to take some precaution later?

He is not advisable to massage the zone after the infiltrations. It is recommended to use solar protection in case of taking the sun.

How much last do the effects?

Once we have been able effectively to stimulate weaves with the 3-4 sessions of the first year, the results stay during 6-9 months.

With what other treatments can be combined?

The combination of different techniques produces better results and more lasting because each treatment acts differently and at different level and a synergy among them takes place. The treatment with rich plasma in growth factors usually is combined with anyone of the mentioned ones.

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