Rejuvenation of the skin

Only the deep knowledge of the anatomy and the suitable understanding of muscular dynamics and the muscular mechanisms that regulate the process of face aging allows€, aim the experts.

The advances in the world of the aesthetic medicine have allowed that the cosmetic experts to develop on the one hand a new face filling and, on the other, a botulinum toxin that assures the expressivity the face and maintains their balance, looking for the obtaining of a natural aspect to size.

A totally natural result, customized balance and based on the morphologic characteristics of the face of the patient.



The botulinum toxin is a treatment that obtains the temporary relaxation of treated face muscles.

It shapes PRP

Antiaging for the face rejuvenation is one of stars of the treatments.

Tensile threads

The technique consists of the subcutaneous tensile thread implantation that allows to hold to the skin and other fallen structures.

Calcic Hidroxipatita

A natural substance is characterized for being that is able to rejuvenate and to improve the visual aspect of our skin.

Collagen regeneration

It is a unique skin filling and innovating that combines one immediate correction of the wrinkles and you fold them with the natural collagen production by the own body.

Face Carboxiterapia

It improves the general aspect of the skin and help to oxygenate the weave of the skin, without side effects.

Elimination of pouches

The pouches are alterations in the coloration of the skin underneath the eyes that appear with a darker color of the normal thing.

Lifting Silhouette

The Silhouette threads secure to the replacement of weave and a gradual collagen regeneration due to their internal structure.

Double chin

New technique of implantation in thread dermis of Polidioxanona (PDO), reabsorbible, nonalerg©nico and nonimmunogenic material.

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