The face mesoterapia with vitamins is an aesthetic medicine treatment to provide vitality to the skin. Their results are immediate, reason why the patient can enjoy a healthful and rejuvenated aspect from the first moment.

One is a combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are applied in the face through microinjections, that the skin revitalizes, he avoids the effects of the passage of time and he contributes to smoothness and luminosity to him.

This especially indicated to deal with the skin the face, the neck, the decollete and the back of the hands, that are the points in which the age leaves deeper tracks and the skin deterioration is more evident.

A mesoterapia session begins with the cleaning of the zone to deal with and the application an anesthetic ointment, that avoids any sensation of pain or annoyances to the patient.

The medical equipment has previously determined the injection points, according to the results that are desired to obtain. And the vitamin-added solution in the suitable doses is applied, by means of microinjections. The application is very fast and it does not require of any special later care. The patient can follow his daily activity without any trouble.

He does not have side effects of any type, in some cases have been observed the appearance of small hematomas or weighs inflammation in the treated area, symptoms that

The Mesoterapia is a treatment anti age, is advisable to realise it to prevent the appearance with the first brands, as aging and flaccidity. And it contributes a sensation of luminosity in the skin that makes appear healthier and attractive.

Also he is recommendable to use this therapy in the treatment of scars, acne, freckles and psoriasis.

Their results last approximated among one and two months.

The results of a treatment of face Mesoterapia are temporary and hardly cover a period superior to two months. Reason why it turns out advisable to go to past consultation that time and to realise a reinforcement session.

Used as complement for therapies of elimination of wrinkles by means of B³tox or Hyaluronic acid, help to improve the results of these and the long ago most lasting ones.

Why it is indicated?

In order to obtain a rejuvenecedor effect very instantaneously and to recover the healthful aspect of the skin

How much last does the effect?

The ideal is to realise reinforcement sessions every two months.

What cares I must have after the treatment?

The treatment does not have any side effect, in some cases they have obsrevado the appearance of hematomas or inflammation in the treated area that, disappears in a few days.

It will fill up the wrinkles to Me?

The face mesoterapia with vitamins does not serve to eliminate the wrinkles. For that is more efficient the treatment with b³tox or hyaluronic acid. But it is a perfect complement for these treatments because power its results and does more lasting.

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