Treatment for spots

Dermocosmetica + Peeling Despigmentante

The face spots are one of the more common aesthetic problems. They are caused by diverse causes, as an excessive one and prolonged exhibition to the sun, the tobacco, the pregnancy or any other dysfunction in the epidermoid pigmentation.

The aesthetic medicine techniques in this field have evolved remarkably and at present, by means of a combination of Dermocosm©tica and Peeling, excellent results are obtained.


Once studied the case, our medical equipment elaborates an action plan that combines different compounds, to fight the ugly spots.

Our face products, are creams, oils and lotions of highest quality, skillful formulas made by laboratories of the great prestige, whose results at length have been proven in patients worldwide.

Each treatment is designed of way individualized and taking care of the needs of each patient, according to its type leather and the type of spot to try.

Peeling Despigmentante

It consists of a strong exfoliation to clean, to regenerate and to revitalize the skin. It is realised by means of a combination of compound with retinoic acid, acid k³jico, hydroquinone and dexamethasone. That successive moultings act on the skin producing to bring about a despigmentaci³n process that is able to eliminate the face spots to a great extent.

When applying the treatment on the zone that is desired to try is obtained that the pigmented skin is descamando gradually, of form uniforms and progressive, of this form the spots are eliminated that have a mel¡nico origin.

The dermis that has been descamada, of natural way begins a cellular regenerative process that obtains that the skin recovers the smoothness and luminosity of youth. Their results are appraised immediately, in only two or three days after the intervention.

This cutaneous spare part, that provides peeling chemical, is the most effective method to improve the problems of irregular pigmentation, the spots of the age, the freckles, the sunspots and the spots of acne. While it reduces the wrinkles and it rejuvenates the face, contributing a more healthful and attractive aspect.

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