Face Carboxiterapia

The face carboxiterapia secures visible quick results and. It improves the general aspect of the skin and help to oxygenate the weave of the skin, without side effects. The face carboxiterapia consists of the application of located microinjections of CO2 by means of a full field equipment specific preparation and. When introducing CO2 in our skin, the blood vessels dilate causing the oxygenation of the weave, at the same time as diverse toxins by means of the lymphatic system are eliminated that cause that our skin goes out and has an unequal tone.

With this we were able to improve the circulation considerably, to reaffirm and to unify the tone of your skin. It recovers the splendor and the natural luminosity of your skin, gives back to him to the youth and beam of your face an example of perfection thanks to face carboxiterapia.

It is a technique of very easy execution that is realised through microinjections

It accelerates the conventional results and it does not have effects collaterals if it is realised by an experienced specialist.

It is a treatment that can be realised to any age.

To the salary injected CO2, the organism detects a imbalance in local oxygenation.  Thus, with the purpose of compensating this situation, the oxihemoglobina increases the located provision of O2, which brings about a vasodilator effect and an increase of the oxygenation of the weave. As well, the hemoglobin is absorbing the CO2 that is introduced in the organism, which yields oxygen to weaves, improving still more local oxygenation. All this repels in an increase of the speed of the sanguineous flow and the opening of capillaries that in normal conditions would be closed.

From what age he is advisable to realise it?

It is a treatment that can be applied as of the 35 years to preventive level, to slow down the process of aging, and as of the 45 years with regenerative and corrective aims.

It requires anesthesia?

It is only applied in the zone to treat an anesthetic ointment or the cold premises before initiating the session to avoid the annoyances of the infiltrations.

It is possible to be gone to work the next day to the treatment?

Yes life completely normal can be worked and be realised nothing else to finish the session.

I have to take some precaution later?

He is not advisable to massage the zone after the infiltrations. It is recommended to use solar protection in case of taking the sun.

With what other treatments can be combined?

The combination of different techniques produces better results and more lasting because each treatment acts differently and at different level and a synergy among them takes place.

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